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BCM's Wealth Management Process

Capital preservation is paramount to capital appreciation. In addition to working to grow client assets, we seek to protect them. We feel that investors who establish goals and a set of guidelines for decision making are generally more successful than investors who “play” the market. Diligent accumulation of wealth comes from a well thought out plan and course of action and sticking to that plan over time. Our disciplined multi step investment process provides the framework to achieve long term mutual success. 

Discovery & Analysis

Each client is unique and every relationship begins with a deep dive discovery of goals and objectives.  Truly building a proper investment strategy can only be done after we understand a client’s entire financial picture.  

Manager Research & Selection

Intensely studying available money managers and incorporating the ones we feel are most appropriate into our clients' portfolios. Our due diligence on the managers we use includes high level in-office analytics, outside research partners and consultants as well as periodic visits to the managers home office for face to face meetings.  BCM has nearly 2 decades of experience in money manager evaluation and maintains strong relationships with each manager we use with clients.  

Asset Allocation & Implementation

Diversifying our clients into multiple styles and strategies to further promote a lower volatility portfolio and longer term stable growth. The goal with asset allocation is to have a low correlation between the different strategies in the portfolio in an attempt to have them work together during multiple market scenarios.  If the past has taught us anything it has taught us to be prepared for anything.  Proper diversification is the secret recipe to long term success.  

Ongoing Performance Monitoring & Reviews

Continuous evaluation of the progress of the portfolio and the performance and behavior of each manager within it.  This is not the set it and forget it approach.  We will make changes when necessary and also rebalance to ensure that we are invested to the target allocation.  We maintain scheduled and open communication with clients.  Additionally, BCM strives to provide timely, relevant and relatable communications to our friends and clients including our Investor Letter.